Saturday, 9 March 2013

Keeping it Real

Life isn’t perfect but it is what you make it.
The world keeps revolving whether you fail or not.
Get up and try again.
Don’t even try to lie to God, there’s no point.
Even if you fool others you can’t fool Him.
Tell the truth… always.
Be open but wise.
Be just but show mercy.
Don’t try to be anyone but yourself.
Make fair and honest decisions in business, it matters more than you think it does.
If you are happy be happy.
If you are sad be sad,
But don’t be so sad that you forget about joy.
Fight for joy like your life depended on it.
Cling to hope like your life depended on it.
Love people.
Show grace.
Change somebody’s life with a little act of kindness.
Praise God always… even if it’s hard… especially if it’s hard.
Don’t let people tell you ‘you can’t’ when God tells you ‘you can’.
Be noisy sometimes.
Be quiet sometimes… in fact make room for silence, you will find God there.
Learn from people.
Encourage. Protect. Enjoy.
Children are everything. Invest in them.
Move mountains.
Make waves.
Make a difference.
Don’t ‘fake worship’ there is no point.
Don’t fake humility there’s not much worse.
Be kind. Be courageous.
Tell ‘fear’ where to go!
Read the Bible, it is your sword and your food.
Fall in love with Jesus… over and over.
Breathe in God, He is your source.
Encounter the Holy Spirit,
Make room for Him everyday, don’t shut Him out.
Think on God often.
Stop talking sometimes and listen.
Stop being busy and rest.
Learn verses by heart.
Talk to friends and love your enemies.
Ask for help.
Go out of your way to help.
Don’t do nothing… at least try something.
Listen to music that inspires you and have fun with friends to re-energize you.
Host dinner parties.
Welcome people in.
Welcome change.
Keep growing.
Keep dreaming.
Keep ‘keeping it real’.

Don’t believe the devil’s lies.
He will always tell you what you are not: believe the opposite.

Most of all be you: The real you. Not who people think you are, who you really are. Not who you are trying to be… just who you are. Try to be better but stay you. You are perfect in your imperfections: A gift to this world. And you have been loved since before the world began. 

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